The rise of modern lifestyle has now made it easier to gather information about condo living. Note that it is one of the most recent trends that many people are enthusiastic about, and those who have joined the lifestyle testify that they can expect more values from the investment. For this reason, real estate companies and developers are now focusing on this type of residence, and they tend to set aside other living options, such as a concrete house or even an apartment. Empire Quay House Condos is one example.

a living room with furniture

This article explicitly talks about Empire Quay House Condos as they offer several interesting offers that potential buyers will find it hard to resist. It is an innovative condo development aiming to provide the residents with a luxurious lifestyle at lower prices. The strategic locating brings another advantage to the residents, as they can reach the location easily from the city center. For those who need to make inquiries before deciding to invest in the unit, their website is also accessible and provides with an overview of what it is all about. In addition to the above explanation, below are several benefits that you can expect from the condominium.

Unit Options

a table and a couchThe Empire Quay House is now in the stage of pre-construction. The original plans include retail stores, parks, and offices. With them being in the original blueprint, it indicates that the entire building is suitable for modern and luxurious lifestyle for modern people.

They also have a wide variety of units, including one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. Another offer includes a twenty-storey sky-high roof. The original plan also states that there will be approximately 450 units that are waiting for new buyers.

Easy Access

Another benefit that you can expect from the condominium is easy access. The building is situated in a strategic area, making it easy to go in and out with public transportation. Apart from it, the location is quite close to the city center, including The Union Station and St. Lawrence Market, making it easier for residents to visit those places. Are you a type of person who goes abroad regularly? Billy Bishop Airport is only fifteen-minute away from your unit.


Known for its luxurious lifestyle, the Empire Quay House will also provide the residents with several facilities. From the excelling architecture to finely selected materials, the development of the building is the evidence that people can afford to live well with lower prices. Entertainment stops and shops are also the things people should not miss.