If you’re a coffee fanatic, then you can’t beat a cup of coffee with other drinks. Of course, it’s because there are many unique flavors that we can experience from drinking a cup of coffee. It will lead us to another dimension of happiness. Aside from that, recent studies have given you four reasons to get excited and maintain your caffeine addiction. Now, let’s take a look at them.

reasons why coffee is the best drink

Helps Cure Skin Cancer

So this is a common type of skin cancer that doesn’t kill you but causes disfigurement by invading the surrounding cells. Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) resembles open sores so it’s a red spot with pink scars and growths. It is usually caused by long exposure to the sun or other ultraviolet rays. Depending on the test, long exposure to ultraviolet light can damage skin cells that can later develop into tumors. Caffeine can remove these damaged cells, reducing the likelihood of cancer. Coffee is so great!

Treats Prostate Cancer

reasons why coffee is the best drinkCaffeine must be an amazing cancer killer! Aside from curing skin cancer, a new study also found out that it’s effective to lower the risk of prostate cancer. Although more research is needed to find out how the phytochemicals in java are thought to be responsible for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects in fighting cancer. That number is pretty impressive. However, it has been noted that more research is needed to determine the specific component responsible for this activity.

Boosts Memory

So most of us know that caffeine keeps us awake and increases our stamina, but did you know that it also improves memory? Research from Johns Hopkins University shows that caffeine improves some memories about 24 hours after consumption. The researchers recruited volunteers who were not avid coffee drinkers and gave them 200 mg. So, when is the ideal time to drink coffee to improve memory? According to one study, drinking 200 mg of caffeine 30 minutes before or immediately after a meeting improves memory for at least 24 hours.

Boosts Endurance and Muscle Strength

According to a study, drinking a cup of coffee before a workout can boost your muscle performance. It increases endurance, muscle strength and allows you to train longer and harder, that’s how great Java is! Also, the study concluded that caffeine may be more noticeable for educated athletes. Caffeine will not only increase your athletic performance, but it will also improve your post-workout recovery. You don’t need a higher dose of caffeine to achieve it.